Kas cs.cfg

Od HLDS.pl
Skocz do: nawigacji, wyszukiwania
//generated by _KaszpiR_ do not modify
echo "-------------------------------------"
echo " kas_cs.cfg ver 35 : 2005-04-15   "
echo "-------------------------------------"
developer "1"
//gl_d3dflip 1  //and you got no lag ingame (lazy mouse
name "Dummy"
setinfo "_amx_pw" ""
setinfo "_cm_pw" ""
setinfo "_am_pw" ""
setinfo "_pw" ""
setinfo "mean_pw" ""
setinfo "_ah" "" 
setinfo "topcolor" ""
setinfo "bottomcolor" ""
setinfo "lefthand" ""
setinfo "model" ""
setinfo "skin" ""
setinfo "_vgui_menus" ""
echo "- Executing SETINFOS"
setinfo "_amx_pw" "nvt"
setinfo "_pw" "nvt"
setinfo "_cm_pw" "ala"
setinfo "_am_pw" "zupaadmina"
setinfo "_ah" "0" //disables autohelp
name "_KaszpiR_"
setinfo "_vgui_menus" "0"
sv_aim "0"
joystick "0"
echo "- Executing CL"
_cl_autowepswitch "0"
cl_allowdownload "1"
cl_allowupload "1"
cl_backspeed "400"
cl_bob "0"
cl_bobcycle "0"
cl_boup "0"
cl_cmdbackup "2"
cl_cmdrate "20"
cl_corpsestay "0"
cl_dlmax "10240" //download speed from server kb/s
cl_download_ingame "1"
cl_drawnames "1"
cl_dynamiccrosshair "0" //disables crosschair autoresize when running
cl_forwardspeed "400"
cl_gaitestimation "0"		// disables estimated player stepping motion
cl_himodels "0" // disables high-quality models
cl_idealpitchscale "0.8"
cl_lc "1" // client lag compensation
cl_lw "1" 
cl_minmodels 1 //forcemodels
cl_movespeedkey ".57" 
cl_nosmooth "0"			// enables screen interpolation
cl_observercrosshair "1"
cl_righthand "1"
cl_roll "0"
cl_rollangle "0"
cl_rollspeed "0"
cl_rollup "0"
cl_shadows "0"			// turns off player shadows (under player)
cl_showevents "0"		// shows what weapons are firing accross map in upper-right corner
cl_showfps "0"			// disables FPS counter in upper-left corner
cl_sidespeed "400"		// maxes out sideways movement speed (server-dependant)
cl_smoothtime "0.1"		// sets screen interpolation smoothing time
cl_solid_players "0" //enables walking through lagged playes
cl_timeout "180" // connection to server timeout, in seconds
cl_updaterate "20"
cl_upspeed "400"		// maxes out ladder climbing speed (server-dependant)
cl_vsmoothing "0.05"		// sets the Second screen interpolation smoothing time
cl_weather "0"			// turns off weather effects (aztec)
//2d hud
echo "- Executing GFX 2D"
//2d other
_windowed_mouse "0"
brightness "3"
con_color "0 255 255" // chat font color (not only chat)
console "1" //enable conosle
crosshair "1"
d_spriteskip "1"
echo "- Executing GFX 2D+3D"
fastsprites "0"
gamma "3"
hpk_maxsize "0.5" //the size of the file containing decals (spray logos), megabytes
hud_centerid "1"
hud_classautokill "1" 
hud_deathnotice_time "6"
hud_drawhistory_time "5"
hud_fastswitch "1" // faster weapon switching
hud_saytext_time "5"
hud_takesshots "0" // tahe end map screenshot from statistics
lightgamma "2.5"
max_shells "1" // number of shells to render that fall out for the gun
max_smokepuffs "0" // number of smoke puffs on walls where bullet hit
mp_decals "63" // number of logos and bullet holes
scr_conspeed "60000" // speed of console , cs 1.5 only
viewsize "120" // size of view, max is 120, causes to see whole weapon model with hand
violence_ablood "0"		// change these next four cvars to 0 for more
violence_agibs "0"		// FPS at the cost of blood and gore, frankly
violence_hblood "1"		// I prefer to leave them on so as I can
violence_hgibs "1"		// see my enemy bleed :)
echo "- Executing GFX 3D"
//ati_npatch "1.0"
//ati_subdiv "2.0"
//gunsmoke;gunsmoke //turns off gun smoke
//r_drawviewmodel 1
ati_npatch "0"			// disables old ATI compatibility patch
ati_subdiv "0"			// disables old ATI compatibility patch
fps_max "200"           // keep it high :D
gl_affinemodels "1"		// turns off applying textures to a polygon without taking position into account
gl_clear "0" //backbuffer clearing
gl_cull "1" // enable special render computing, faster on nvidia,ati
gl_d3dflip "1"  // flip sprites (fixes blurry crosschair on sniper)
gl_dither "1" // unchangeable
gl_flipmatrix "0" // 0 - render nice bullet hit sparks, 1 - render very fast (and very rareley) hit sparks and fuck up sniper scope 
gl_keeptjunctions "0" // disables cracks between textures
gl_lightholes "0"		// disables light holes between textures
gl_max_size 256 //use 256 or 512 for good sys
gl_monolights "0"
gl_overbright "1"
gl_palette_tex "0"		// disables paletted textures
gl_picmip "0"           // blur the textures on map walls, some walls wil not be semi transparent (inferno)
gl_playermip "0"          // blur textures on player
gl_polyoffset "0" // move to the size the texture (use if your texture flickers, notice - it affects sniper cross
//gl_polyoffset 4 //try other vals if texture flickers, sniper will be far to left (looks terrible)
gl_round_down "0" // make textures smaller , faster, worke quality
gl_smoothmodels "1" 
gl_spriteblend "0"		// disables blending sprite graphics, set to 1 to experiment
gl_wateramp "0"			// sets underwater sound amplification level
gl_ztrick "1"  // uze z buffer when rendering, 1 is better
r_bmodelhighfrac "5.0"
r_decals "10"			// sets max number of blast marks and player sprays displayed at a time
r_detailtextures "0"		// disables highly detailed textures
r_dynamic "1"
r_lightmap "0"
r_mirroralpha "0"		// disables reflective textures
r_mmx "1"			// forces MMX calculations for MMX-compatible CPUs (0=AMD, 1=INTEL)
r_norefresh "0"			// disables refreshing of HUD at unneccessary times
r_novis "0"             // do not use vis, setting to 1 not recommended
r_shadows "0"          
r_traceglow "1"
r_wateralpha "0"		// disables alpha blending underwater
vid_nopageflip "0"
vid_wait 0;//swapinterval...
alias gl_tri "gl_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_linear"; // trilinear filtering, better quality
alias gl_li "gl_texturemode gl_linear_mipmap_nearest";
echo "- Executing SOUND"
nosound "0"			// enables sound
//s_a3d "0"
//s_doppler "0"
_snd_mixahead "0.1"
bgmvolume "1"
hisound "1"
loadas8bit "0"
room_type "0"			// 3D sound setting, disables echo (cs_siege)
s_a3d "0"			// disables A3D sound support
s_automax_distance "30"
s_automin_distance "2"
s_bloat "20"
s_distance "60"
s_doppler "8"			// sets doppler value for 3D sound (helps you hear where sounds are)
s_eax "1"			// enables EAX sound support		
s_leafnum "0"
s_max_distance "1000.0"
s_min_distance "8.0"
s_numpolys "200"
s_polykeep "1000000000"
s_polysize "10000000"
s_refdelay "4"
s_refgain "0.4"
s_rolloff "8"			// adjusts rolloff factor (helps you hear how far away sounds are)
s_verbwet "0.25"
suitvolume "0.25"
volume "0.8"
echo "- Executing SOUND - VoiceMod"
MP3Volume "0.8"
voice_dsound "1" 
voice_enable "1"
voice_forcemicrecord "1"
voice_loopback "1" 
voice_modenable "1"
voice_scale "1"
sv_voiceenable "1"
alias voicetog "voicetog1"
alias voicetog1 "+voicerecord; alias voicetog voicetog2"
alias voicetog2 "-voicerecord; alias voicetog voicetog1"
bind "ctrl" "+voicerecord"		// rebind to your 'voice' key
echo "- Executing MOUSE"
m_filter "1"
lookspring "0"
lookstrafe "0"
m_forward "1"
m_pitch "-0.022"
m_side "0.8"
m_yaw "0.022"
zoom_sensitivity_ratio "1.2"
sensitivity "2"
echo "- Executing NET"
// see cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate
rate "20000"
cl_rate "20000"
fps_lan 101
fps_modem 101
//net graph
net_graph "0"
net_graphpos "1"
net_scale "5"
net_graphsolid 1
net_graphwidth 800
//WCG Aliases
//This autoexec.cfg included in the official WCG GUI will be on every tournament 
//machine at WCG 2003 events.
//Weapon and Item Buy Binds
alias ms1 "menuselect 1"
alias ms2 "menuselect 2"
alias ms3 "menuselect 3"
alias ms4 "menuselect 4"
alias ms5 "menuselect 5"
alias ms6 "menuselect 6"
alias ms7 "menuselect 7"
alias ms8 "menuselect 8"
alias ms9 "menuselect 9"
alias "w" "wait"
alias go "+attack; w; -attack"
alias go_slot1 "weapon_ak47;weapon_aug;weapon_g3sg1;weapon_m249;weapon_m4a1;weapon_m3;weapon_mac10;weapon_mp5navy;weapon_p90;weapon_scout;weapon_sg552;weapon_sg550;weapon_ump45;weapon_tmp;weapon_xm1014;weapon_awp"
alias go_slot2 "weapon_deagle;weapon_usp;weapon_glock18;weapon_p228;weapon_elite;weapon_fiveseven"
alias go_slot3 "weapon_knife"
alias +buyammop "buy; ms6"
alias -buyammop "slot10"
alias +buyammos "buy; ms7"
alias -buyammos "slot10"
alias +vest "buyequip; ms1"
alias -vest "slot10"
alias +helm "buyequip; ms2; +vest"
alias -helm "slot10"
alias +fb "buyequip; ms3"
alias -fb "slot10"
alias +hegren "buyequip; ms4"
alias -hegren "slot10"
alias +sgren "buyequip; ms5"
alias -sgren "slot10"
alias +defuser "buyequip; ms6"
alias -defuser "slot10"
alias +nvgs "buyequip; ms7; w; nightvision"
alias -nvgs "slot10"
alias +usp "buy; ms1; ms1"
alias -usp "slot10"
alias +glock "buy; ms1; ms2"
alias -glock "slot10"
alias +deagle "buy; ms1; ms3"
alias -deagle "slot10"
alias +p228 "buy; ms1; ms4"
alias -p228 "slot10"
alias +elites "buy; ms1; ms5"
alias -elites "slot10"
alias +fn57 "buy; ms1; ms6"
alias -fn57 "slot10"
alias +m3 "buy; ms2; ms1"
alias -m3 "slot10"
alias +xm1014 "buy; ms2; ms2"
alias -xm1014 "slot10"
alias +mp5 "buy; ms3; ms1"
alias -mp5 "slot10"
alias +tmp "buy; ms3; ms2"
alias -tmp "slot10"
alias +p90 "buy; ms3; ms3"
alias -p90 "slot10"
alias +mac10 "buy; ms3; ms4"
alias -mac10 "slot10"
alias +ump45 "buy; ms3; ms5"
alias -ump45 "slot10"
alias +ak47 "buy; ms4; ms1"
alias -ak47 "slot10"
alias +commando "buy; ms4; ms2"
alias -commando "slot10"
alias +m4a1 "buy; ms4; ms3"
alias -m4a1 "slot10"
alias +aug "buy; ms4; ms4"
alias -aug "slot10"
alias +scout "buy; ms4; ms5"
alias -scout "slot10"
alias +awp "buy; ms4; ms6"
alias -awp "slot10"
alias +g3sg1 "buy; ms4; ms7"
alias -g3sg1 "slot10"
alias +sg550 "buy; ms4; ms8"
alias -sg550 "slot10"
alias +m249 "buy; ms5; ms1"
alias -m249 "slot10"
alias +pri- "+m4a1;wait;+ak47"
alias -pri- "-m4a1;wait;-ak47"
alias +pri_ "m4a1;ak47"
alias -pri_ ""
alias +pri_zoom- "+aug;wait;+commando"
alias -pri_zoom- "-aug;wait;-commando"
alias +pri_zoom_ "aug;sg552"
alias -pri_zoom_ ""
alias +g_set- "+hegren;wait;+defuser"
alias -g_set- "-hegren;wait;-defuser"
alias +g_set_ "hegren;defuser"
alias -g_set_ ""
alias +g_set2- "+fb;wait;+fb;wait;+sgren"
alias -g_set2- "-fb;wait;-fb;wait;-sgren"
alias +g_set2_ "flash;flash;sgren"
alias -g_set2_ ""
alias +de- "+deagle"
alias -de- "-deagle"
alias +de_ "deagle"
alias -de_ ""
alias +uspek- "+usp"
alias -uspek- "-usp"
alias +uspek_ "usp"
alias -uspek_ ""
alias steam "alias +pri +pri_;alias -pri -pri_;alias +pri_zoom +pri_zoom_;alias -pri_zoom -pri_zoom_;alias +g_set +g_set_;alias -g_set -g_set_;alias +g_set2 +g_set2_;alias -g_set2 -g_set2_;alias +de +de_;alias -de -de_;alias +uspek +usp_;alias -uspek -uspek_;echo Steam Shit Loaded"
alias nosteam "alias +pri +pri-;alias -pri -pri-;alias +pri_zoom +pri_zoom-;alias -pri_zoom -pri_zoom-;alias +g_set +g_set-;alias -g_set -g_set-;alias +g_set2 +g_set2-;alias -g_set2 -g_set2-;alias +de +de-;alias -de -de-;alias +uspek +usp-;alias -uspek -uspek-;echo NoSteam Loaded"
echo "- Executing BINDS"
bind f5 +pri
bind f4 +pri_zoom
bind f3 "galil;famas"
bind f6 +helm
bind f7 +g_set
bind f8 +g_set2
bind f9 +de
bind f10 +uspek
bind "`" "toggleconsole"
bind "c" "radio3"
bind "d" "+back"
bind "e" "+forward"
bind "f" "+moveright"
bind "i" "bt"
bind "o" "bc"
bind ";" "amxmodmenu"
bind "j" "cheer"
bind "l" "impulse 201"
bind "n" "nightvision"
bind "q" "impulse 100"
bind "s" "+moveleft"
bind "u" "messagemode2"
bind "w" "+use"
bind "x" "radio2"
bind "y" "messagemode"
bind "z" "radio1"
bind "~" "toggleconsole"
bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
bind "MOUSE2" "+jump"
bind "PAUSE" "pause"
bind "," +buyammop
bind "." +buyammos
bind "s" "+moveleft"
bind "d" "+back"
bind "e" "+forward"
bind "f" "+moveright"
bind "SHIFT" "+duck"
bind "MOUSE1" "+attack"
bind "MOUSE2" "+hjump"
bind "MOUSE3" "+speed"
alias +hjump "+jump;wait;+duck;wait"
alias -hjump "-jump;wait;-duck;wait"
bind "SPACE" "+attack2"
bind "mwheelup" "lastinv"
bind "mwheeldown" "slot3"
bind "g" drop
bind "b" "buy"
bind "m" "chooseteam"
bind "n" "nightvision"
bind "y" "messagemode2"
bind "u" "messagemode"
bind "TAB" "+showscores"
bind "ESCAPE" "cancelselect"
bind "~" "toggleconsole"
bind "`" "toggleconsole"
alias overview overview1
alias overview1 "hud_draw 0;hud_view 0;r_drawviewmodel 0;dev_overview 1;developer 0;alias overview overview2"
alias overview2 "hud_draw 0;hud_view 0;r_drawviewmodel 0;dev_overview 1;developer 1;alias overview overview0"
alias overview0 "hud_draw 1;hud_view 1;r_drawviewmodel 1;dev_overview 0;developer 0;alias overview overview1"
bind "PAUSE" "overview"
bind "z" "radio1"
bind "x" "radio2"
bind "c" "radio3"
alias net net1
alias net1 "net_graph 1;wait;alias net net2"
alias net2 "net_graph 2;wait;alias net net3"
alias net3 "net_graph 3;wait;alias net net0"
alias net0 "net_graph 0;wait;alias net net1"
bind del net
alias cr- cr_4
alias cr+ cr_6
alias cr_50 "cl_cmdrate 500;alias cr- cr_40;"
alias cr_40 "cl_cmdrate 400;alias cr- cr_35;alias cr+ cr_50"
alias cr_35 "cl_cmdrate 350;alias cr- cr_30;alias cr+ cr_40"
alias cr_30 "cl_cmdrate 300;alias cr- cr_25;alias cr+ cr_35"
alias cr_25 "cl_cmdrate 250;alias cr- cr_20;alias cr+ cr_30"
alias cr_20 "cl_cmdrate 200;alias cr- cr_19;alias cr+ cr_25"
alias cr_19 "cl_cmdrate 190;alias cr- cr_18;alias cr+ cr_20"
alias cr_18 "cl_cmdrate 180;alias cr- cr_17;alias cr+ cr_19"
alias cr_17 "cl_cmdrate 170;alias cr- cr_16;alias cr+ cr_18"
alias cr_16 "cl_cmdrate 160;alias cr- cr_15;alias cr+ cr_17"
alias cr_15 "cl_cmdrate 150;alias cr- cr_14;alias cr+ cr_16"
alias cr_14 "cl_cmdrate 140;alias cr- cr_13;alias cr+ cr_15"
alias cr_13 "cl_cmdrate 130;alias cr- cr_12;alias cr+ cr_14"
alias cr_12 "cl_cmdrate 120;alias cr- cr_11;alias cr+ cr_13"
alias cr_11 "cl_cmdrate 110;alias cr- cr_10;alias cr+ cr_12"
alias cr_10 "cl_cmdrate 101;alias cr- cr_9;alias cr+ cr_11"
alias cr_9 "cl_cmdrate 90;alias cr- cr_8;alias cr+ cr_10"
alias cr_8 "cl_cmdrate 80;alias cr- cr_7;alias cr+ cr_9"
alias cr_7 "cl_cmdrate 70;alias cr- cr_6;alias cr+ cr_8"
alias cr_6 "cl_cmdrate 60;alias cr- cr_5;alias cr+ cr_7"
alias cr_5 "cl_cmdrate 50;alias cr- cr_4;alias cr+ cr_6"
alias cr_4 "cl_cmdrate 40;alias cr- cr_3;alias cr+ cr_5"
alias cr_3 "cl_cmdrate 30;alias cr- cr_2;alias cr+ cr_4"
alias cr_2 "cl_cmdrate 20;alias cr- cr_1;alias cr+ cr_3"
alias cr_1 "cl_cmdrate 10;              ;alias cr+ cr_2"
bind kp_end cr-
bind kp_home cr+
alias ur- ur_4
alias ur_10 "cl_updaterate 101;alias ur- ur_9;            "
alias ur_9 "cl_updaterate 90;alias ur- ur_8;alias ur+ ur_10"
alias ur_8 "cl_updaterate 80;alias ur- ur_7;alias ur+ ur_9"
alias ur_7 "cl_updaterate 70;alias ur- ur_6;alias ur+ ur_8"
alias ur_6 "cl_updaterate 60;alias ur- ur_5;alias ur+ ur_7"
alias ur_5 "cl_updaterate 50;alias ur- ur_4;alias ur+ ur_6"
alias ur_4 "cl_updaterate 40;alias ur- ur_3;alias ur+ ur_5"
alias ur_3 "cl_updaterate 30;alias ur- ur_2;alias ur+ ur_4"
alias ur_2 "cl_updaterate 20;alias ur- ur_1;alias ur+ ur_3"
alias ur_1 "cl_updaterate 10;              ;alias ur+ ur_2"
bind kp_pgup ur+
bind kp_pgdn ur-
alias er- er_4
alias er_10 "ex_extrapmax 2;alias er- er_9;            "
alias er_9 "ex_extrapmax 1.9;alias er- er_8;alias er+ er_10"
alias er_8 "ex_extrapmax 1.8;alias er- er_7;alias er+ er_9"
alias er_7 "ex_extrapmax 1.7;alias er- er_6;alias er+ er_8"
alias er_6 "ex_extrapmax 1.6;alias er- er_5;alias er+ er_7"
alias er_5 "ex_extrapmax 1.5;alias er- er_4;alias er+ er_6"
alias er_4 "ex_extrapmax 1.4;alias er- er_3;alias er+ er_5"
alias er_3 "ex_extrapmax 1.2;alias er- er_2;alias er+ er_4"
alias er_2 "ex_extrapmax 1.1;alias er- er_1;alias er+ er_3"
alias er_1 "ex_extrapmax 1.0;              ;alias er+ er_2"
bind kp_plus er+
bind kp_enter er-
bind kp_5 "ex_interp 0"
alias lc_on "echo LC ON;cl_lc 1; alias lc_tog lc_0" 
alias lc_off "echo LC OFF = LAN;cl_lc 0; alias lc_tog lc_1" 
bind kp_plus "lc_tog"
//turn off able r_drawviewmodel 0 when reloading
alias sgun1 "r_drawviewmodel 1;wait;alias sgun sgun0;"
alias sgun0 "r_drawviewmodel 0;wait;alias sgun sgun1;"
alias sgun sgun0
bind a sgun
alias fps fps1
alias fps1 "cl_showfps 1;wait;alias fps fps0"
alias fps0 "cl_showfps 0;wait;alias fps fps1"
bind ins fps
alias nextmap_amx "say nextmap;alias nextmapcmd nextmap_cm"
alias nextmap_cm "say /nextmap;alias nextmapcmd nextmap_amx"
alias nextmapcmd nextmap_amx
alias timeleft_amx "say timeleft;alias timeleftcmd timeleft_cm"
alias timeleft_cm "say /timeleft;alias timeleftcmd timeleft_amx"
alias timeleftcmd timeleft_amx
alias thetime_amx "say thetime;alias thetimecmd thetime_cm"
alias thetime_cm "say /thetime;alias thetimecmd thetime_amx"
alias thetimecmd thetime_amx
alias +infoz "timeleftcmd"
alias -infoz "nextmapcmd"
bind end +infoz
bind home +timez
alias +timez "say thetime"
alias -timez "say time"
alias sshot0 "hud_draw 0; cl_observercrosshair 0; crosshair 0; r_drawviewmodel 0; hideradar; net_graph 0; scr_centertime 0;wait;wait;wait;wait;alias sshot sshot1"
alias sshot1 "screenshot;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;alias sshot sshot2"
alias sshot2 "hud_draw 1; cl_observercrosshair 1; crosshair 1; r_drawviewmodel 1; drawradar; net_graph 0; scr_centertime 8;wait;wait;wait;wait;alias sshot sshot0"
alias sshot sshot0
bind pgup sshot
bind pgdn screenshot
alias +reloading "r_drawviewmodel 1;+reload" 
alias -reloading "r_drawviewmodel 0;-reload" 
alias +reloading2 "r_drawviewmodel 1;+reload" 
alias -reloading2 "r_drawviewmodel 1;-reload" 
bind r +reload
// below binds should call the anu slotX command, (they can also ahve other commands but)
bind 1 "r_drawviewmodel 0;wait;slot1;wait;bind r +reloading"
bind 2 "r_drawviewmodel 1;wait;slot2;wait;bind r +reloading2"
bind 3 "r_drawviewmodel 1;wait;slot3"
bind 4 "r_drawviewmodel 1;wait;slot4"
bind 5 "r_drawviewmodel 1;wait;slot5"
bind 0 "slot10"
bind 1 "slot1"
bind 2 "slot2"
bind 3 "slot3"
bind 4 "slot4"
bind 5 "slot5"
bind 6 "slot6
bind 7 "slot7"
bind 8 "slot8"
bind 9 "slot9"
bind + adjust_crosshair
bind = adjust_crosshair
alias bye "unbindall;wait;exec default.cfg;wait;name Player;setinfo _pw 0; setinfo _cm_pw 0; setinfo _am_pw 0;wait;wait;quit"
// aliases for statsme scripts written by me :]
alias s_av "say /av; alias s_sm s_kill"
alias s_kill "say /kill;alias s_sm s_streak"
alias s_streak "say /streak;alias s_sm s_av"
alias s_sm s_av
bind "/" "s_sm"
// get pldecal.wad to get my logo!
alias flash_light "impulse 100"
alias logo_spray "impulse 201"
bind q "flash_light;wait;logo_spray"
alias _run "+speed;wait;alias run_walk _walk"
alias _walk "-speed;wait;alias run_walk _run"
alias run_walk _run
bind "capslock" "run_walk"
echo "- Executing ADMIN"
bind "[" "clanmodmenu"
bind "]" "clanmodmenu2"
bind "'" "statsme_menu root"
bind "l" "plb_menu"
bind "\" "amx_roamingmenu"
// listenserver fast alias
//cs 1.6 with zbot, a russian hack
//alias rr "sv_restartround 1"
alias bk "bot_kick"
alias bka "bot_kill all"
alias bc "bot_add_ct"
alias bt "bot_add_t"
alias bl0 "bot_kick;bot_difficulty 0;say Bot Difficulty 0;alias bl bl1"
alias bl1 "bot_kick;bot_difficulty 1;say Bot Difficulty 1;alias bl bl2"
alias bl2 "bot_kick;bot_difficulty 2;say Bot Difficulty 2;alias bl bl3"
alias bl3 "bot_kick;bot_difficulty 3;say Bot Difficulty 3;alias bl bl0"
alias bl bl0
bot_team any
bot_prefix "[ZBOT]"
bot_join_after_player 1
bot_allow_rogues 1
//wwcl condig for cs 1.6
//max_smokepuffs "120"
//texgamma "2" //this causes you to get disconnected, even if set as it is, so i comment this out
ambient_fade "100"
ambient_level "0.300"
brightness "1"
c_maxdistance "200"
c_maxpitch "90"
c_maxyaw "135"
c_minpitch "0"
c_minyaw "-135"
cam_idealdist "64"
cl_bob "0.01"
cl_bobcycle "0.8"
cl_bobup "0.5"
cl_cmdbackup "2"
cl_forwardspeed "400"
cl_gaitestimation "1"
cl_latency "0"
cl_lc "1"
cl_lw "1"
cl_movespeedkey "0.52"
cl_nopred "0"
cl_nosmooth "0"
cl_pitchdown "89"
cl_pitchspeed "225"
cl_pitchup "89"
cl_resend "6"
cl_showevents "0"
cl_sidespeed "400"
cl_smoothtime "0.1"
cl_timeout "35"
cl_yawspeed "210"
crosshair "1"
default_fov "90"
ex_correct "0"
ex_diminishextrap "0"
ex_extrapmax "1.2"
//ex_interp "0.1" // whoever set this wwcl cfg  had no idea about cl_updaterate and ex_interp
ex_maxaccel "2000"
ex_maxerrordistance "64"
ex_maxspeed "750"
ex_minvelocity "0"
fakelag "0"
fakeloss "0"
fps_modem "0"
gamma "3"
gl_alphamin "0.25"
gl_clear "0"
gl_monolights "0"
gl_nocolors "0"
gl_overbright "0"
gl_polyoffset "0.1"
gl_zmax "0"
hud_draw "1"
hud_saytext_time "5"
lambert "1.5"
lightgamma "2.5"
s_a3d "0"
s_automax_distance "30"
s_automin_distance "2"
s_disable_a3d "0"
s_distance "60"
s_max_distance "1000"
s_min_distance "5"
s_numpolys "200"
s_occfactor "0.25"
s_refgain "0.4"
//end of config
bind k "name dfgdfg;wait;exec kas_cs.cfg"
echo "-------------------------------------"
echo "- Commands -"
echo "- "
echo "- lan (HOME): 100, 10, inet"
echo "- bye - clears the settings and quits"
echo "- steam, nosteam - old weapon binds for cs 1.5"
echo "- "
echo "- Commands Listen Server Only -"
echo "- "
echo "- rr - restart round"
echo "- bk - kick all bots"
echo "- bka - kills all bots"
echo "- bl - bot level cycle, kicks bots, you must add manuallly"
echo "- ba (o)- addbot auto"
echo "- bc (o)- addbot ct"
echo "- bt (i)- addbot terro"
echo "-------------------------------------"
echo " kas_cs.cfg ver 36 : 2005-04-15   "
echo "-------------------------------------"
condebug			// writes console to /counter-strike/qconsole.txt
//fast AWP switch
//alias ble "gun" 
//alias gun "alias ble awp; bind mouse1 +att; developer 1; echo Sniper Script - ON; developer 0" 
//alias awp "alias ble gun; bind mouse1 +attack; developer 1; echo Sniper Script - OFF; developer 0" 
//alias +att "+attack" 
//alias -att "-attack; wait; weapon_glock18; weapon_deagle; weapon_usp; weapon_p228; weapon_fiveseven; weapon_elite" 
//bind "x" "ble"
// demo recorder
//bind "x" "record_m"
//alias record_m record_m+
//alias record_m+ "stop;w;developer 1;echo Recording: enter demo name;developer 0;alias record_m record_m-;messagemode record"
//alias record_m- "developer 1;echo Recording: stopped;developer 0;alias record_m record_m+;stop" 
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