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Accessing PsychoStats statistics from the Eggdrop TCL script , so the players can check their statistics on IRC.


  • eggdrop tcl asks for www page with given parameter
  • php checks if parameter is correct (to avoid exploits), then runs SQL query, and produces output based on given template file
  • eggdrop recieves data and passess them to the irc channel, or privmsg to player


  • not everyone can connect to remote mysql host
  • integrating sql witin tcl will make file too large and hard to edit output
  • php connects to mysql better :)
  • template makes it easier to edit output format - you do not have to use a plain text, you can change it to RSS feed aswell, or later integrate it to WWW in some intranet website
  • you can easily restrict access to the script
  • php script will be mainly ripped directly from psychostats, so most work is allready done


  • requres aditional file in php
  • require extra tcl script for retreivng data from www, but most users that use RSS readers, Weather scripts or Google search tools allready have it
  • php script should be (but not must be) on the same host where PsychoStats are hosted.

TCL part

  • probably will require HTTP module/script
  • antiflood, allowed/not allowed irc users (level flags)
  • chan flag for modes, so you can disable chan triggers
  • different definable php url script per chan, for example if oyu got set of psychostats that are on verious hosts, and the bot sits on few chans that are related to different games - in example you don't want to show CS 1.6 stats on DOD Source channel :),

PHP Part

  • dig in the psychostats sourcecode, easier to integrate with future versions , like PsychoStats 3.0 , by importing class :)
  • use xtemplate as a class to create output templates - simple and easy, the psychostats template use would be overkill
  • restrict access to certan hosts - so in example only eggdrop can access it
  • cache output,
  • few modes that can show stats in a rows for multiple playes (clans, ip class range, few steamids)
  • request stats per ip, id, Steamid, nick
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